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My 2021 word for the year is awake! One definition of awake that really fits for me is fully conscious, alert, and aware. I have picked a word for a couple of years. It’s a reminder each year to myself of all I have learned and what to keep in mind. In 2019 I started […]

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15 years 💙💜

15 years. Thank you for all you taught me and for your friendship. Love you Sophia, sending love to you, your momma and uncle all close to her where they all rest.

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Why I Cried Over A Vehicle

We sold my four runner. I absolutely loved this thing, we bought it brand new and built it just how we wanted it and it was amazing. But I no longer drive. I don’t have a license. We owned the vehicle and I have no income and cannot work full time. This is the last […]

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One Year Blog Post

I have had my blog for a year today, on January 12th, 2021. I started this blog while in Fort Myers Florida after the Rise Ft Myers conference in 2020. I was so motivated I went back to my hotel for the last two nights and started this blog and wrote the next four posts […]

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My first blog post

I thought I would share my first blog post again, Tuesday is the date I started it a year ago and will have a post that day but wanted to share my original post a year ago.

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🗣Noise Sensitivity 👂

I am super noise sensitive since my TBI. I also understand how lucky I am to hear as some lose their ability to hear. But it does not mean being noise sensitive is a blessing at all. It gets so bad and then crates a storm of issues like irrationality, frustration and crying. I freak […]

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New Year, New Goals! 21 habits and goals I am planning for in 2021.

1- To stay present in my daily life. Keep my phone put away. 2- No Social Media like Instagram or Facebook. I cannot agree to Instagram’s new terms of service and found a lot of negativity coming up again, so I deleted it. I will keep to Dr Perry’s Positivity Community and blogging. 3- Keep […]

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What 2020 Taught Me

I had so many plans for 2020 that just did not happen. It’s the last day of 2020 and I could not be happier. But what did I get out of this pandemic? How did it happen for me, what did I learn from one hell of an unexpected year? I have learned to really […]

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Would Sobriety Be As Easy If I Didn’t Have A Brain Injury?

I read a book called The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley. I found an interesting similarity while reading it. Half way through the read she finds out she has breast cancer. At that time she is only 8 months sober. But the breast cancer diagnosis, all that goes with it and the fact doctors say […]

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Why I Deleted Instagram

I did it. I deleted my Instagram and I am ok with it. I accidentally deleted my original one and then got a new one. I definitely deleted my facebook over a year ago. I had a decent amount of followers, I enjoyed communicating with those who understood me and what I am going through. […]