Thailand Street & Dirt Bikes, The Mae Hong Son Loop & So Much More 🇹🇭 🏍🛺✈️🌏🐘🕷🦎🐒

Female travelers in Thailand, riding the Mae Hong Son Loop on CB 300Fs, dirt bikes up Doi Suthep and taking in all the culture and food.

Sawadee (Khrup/ka)


I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and Diffuse Axonal Injury on May 16, 2018; this post is a travel post about my trip to Thailand and moto adventures that I had in January and February of 2018, just months before my brain injury. I am telling you this as with my brain injury, my memory and specifically the year prior to my accident was pretty wiped out. I have found strategies through therapy tools and tricks that help me with my recall of memory. Pictures are so helpful, they help me start a memory. I also was very organized before injury and when looking for something on my calendar found all kinds of things I have no memory of and then found all my Thailand stuff in my calendar. So then I looked at my email and found even more. The point is, although I lost a ton of memory, I have found ways to bring memories back and writing this post is a huge one! So it will be as detailed as it can be from my photos, video footage, emails and calendar. I have tons on my Go Pro too but haven’t busted that out. I am posting it to not only share an amazing trip that I experienced, planned and went on before my injury but also so I can do the research through stuff I already have to bring back memories, dates and things about the trip that I don’t remember! With that said, there will be lots missing I am sure, but if there is a picture with a date or an email then it will be here for sure and will be a great post full of great travel information for Thailand. Although I lost a ton of memory, I am realizing that even without a brain injury I might have not had this good of a recall of this trip anyways but I have learned so many tools to use for my memory that honestly it’s probably better now!

On January 23, 2018 I flew from Portland to San Fran on Alaska Air, where my connecting flight was Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong to begin my adventure in Thailand, first up Bangkok. The San Francisco airport I was familiar with, It was a little different to navigate for an international flight compared to a domestic which is all I had done there. It was easy and seamless for me. I stopped and had lunch before I had to board my next flight from SFO to Hong Kong which was my next leg.

On January 24, 2018 my flight left San Fran and landed in Hong Kong the next day. This airport was very large and spacious unlike many I have been too. It was busy with people on the go. I found my gate and relaxed until my next flight left to Bangkok, still on Cathay Pacific. The service I got with Cathay Pacific was great and I would definitely fly them again.

January 25&26 we stayed at Oriental Residence Bangkok. This was the start of our Thailand Adventure. This hotel was amazing. The hospitality, the pools, the food at the restaurant. Amazing experience. We stayed for 2 nights. It was close to the Bangkok Night Market, walking distance to many places to eat and such great staff to guide us for our time in Bangkok. We got to sit with one of the hotel reps and eat a delightful breakfast which I remember I had a delicious salmon Benedict (I took a pic of it) and we learned more about the hotel and area, we also utilized the fitness room and got some exercise.

According to my pictures and dated on January 27th we went to a floating market outside of downtown Bangkok. I assume we checked in and went to the market after a few hours. We had hired a taxi to take us about 30 minutes away. It was a cool experience, I had never experienced anything like that. It wasn’t the type of floating market where you float on a boat through the market, but one that you walk through and with many vendors floating in boats and preparing meals to sell. We had heard the ones you float through can be a little much and with pushy sales people so we opted for this one that was recommended and also in one of our travel books. It was great. You first walked through a market under cover and so much food was sold in there, so we tried a little bit of a lot of it. They also sold crafts and souvenirs to buy. After you got through that market you could walk down some stairs to the river and the floating market. There were stands down here with food and trinkets to take home. On the main floating part they had tables and you could sit at and eat some food you could order from one of the local food vendors. We sat and ordered some warm food and ate lunch. We then continued to walk through the rest of the market and could see boats driving by full of people, homes on the water and lots of lively colors all around as everything is painted pretty bright. We had lunch, explored the market and then after a few hours took a cab back to our hotel.

January 27th we stayed at the Eastin Grand, it was an incredible room and hotel with amazing guava juice, an amazing bathroom and bathtub, and awesome 14th floor infinity pool. We went out in Bangkok and enjoyed watching a lady boy show and went to where the hangover was filmed for a drink at the Sky Bar, Bangkok. I had a non alcoholic drink and enjoyed the amazing views from the sky bar. It was definitely high up there and we took an elevator to get up to the 820 foot tall rooftop bar. It was crazy that when walking the streets you had to watch out for people on motorbikes. They are everywhere and it is definitely the main mode of transportation there. Often you could find a whole family on one motorbike. We easily took the BTS sky train from Suvarnabhumi Airport to our hotel which had such and cool city view and pool hangout area with amazing relaxing hanging chairs and couches. I think we also did a night river cruise after the ladyboy show but I can’t remember for certain and don’t see any pics and not sure if this is when we did that or if I’m making it up 🧠😜

January 28th we flew to Chiang Mai from Bangkok on a short hour flight and started the second part of our adventure which would begin our Moto adventures, we would rent street bikes from a local rental company that I cannot find the info for. We stayed at Yellow Pillow In Chiang Mai first and then at Siripanna. We stayed for a few days in Chiang Mai before heading on our moto adventures. Flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was around $30 and we took the public transportation train from our hotel to the airport in Bangkok.

We rode Dirt bikes up Doi Suthep through Chiangmai X-Centre and it was great. It was definitely not for a newbie. I would encourage someone not as skilled and at all unsure to do some more research, there are other companies in Thailand that do legit motorcycle tours. We were basically two American girls who went riding with a local Thai guy that worked for a company. It was really like going to ride with your friend, just in Thailand. Our guy was great, but I don’t want anyone reading this to think it’s what they are going to do. Im just being honest and giving my real feedback, it was hard and it was not for the inexperienced or a scared or cautious person at all. They do a test at their company on flat ground to see how you ride, shift, stop and work the bike. But I’m honest, and I totally just went around an obstacle they had and ate shit. It was flat but we were riding over leafs that had fallen on the ground. And they still trusted me to ride up a crazy hard mountain. I’m sure i told them that I do that all the time, and it’s true, despite being an advanced rider and motocross racer, I love to fall over in parking lots, on flat ground and in the silliest is circumstances. I blame that on my short girl problems 🤣.

We were given rental dirt bikes and all the gear and taken up with an experienced guide. The bike given to me was a little different than my normal and a like KLX150. But it was perfect since I was not familiar with the terrain or area we would be riding and I could easily touch the ground which isn’t normal for me but was important for the crazy uphills we would soon be riding with majorly uneven surfaces. It was great to not be strong headed with my experience, skill and confidence because what we were about to ride was so unknown and unlike things I normally rode or had ridden. The gear we were given was also not like we were used to in America and at home, but they had all the important safety gear and I wore it. The difference was that the boots I had were a couple sizes too big, the smallest they had for me to choose from and it definitely made riding a dirt bike a little more challenging. It was out of my norm and usual comfort but I adapted to it and made it work. The hills were hills, they were steep, narrow and had tracks in them from when it was muddy and vehicles drove up them and they dried with vehicle tracks in them. Not like any of the normal dirt bike hills we were used to, so you had to be careful of the grooves and uneven surfaces. You also had to be alert and aware, it was a tough incline that then sharply went into a corner and if you didn’t make that corner you would fly off the cliff. There were parts that were super sketch like this and dangerous. We didn’t fly off obviously but there were a few scary moments.

This was not a normal ride or normal place to ride like we have the luxury with back home, they were not marked trails and it was basically a hill that you were climbing that local farmers had to climb in their trucks to get home. This was definitely another country and a totally different idea of riding. I am just thankful that we were truly experienced and skilled like we had said, because if we weren’t being honest and did this ride with basic skill and not as experience riders it would have been much more dangerous. The lesson of this amazing experience was to never lie about your skill, never assume you can do something that might be over your head and to really realize you are in another country and although its a company taking you, its not their job to truly take you up something you should be going up. If you go somewhere and say you are experienced, just make sure you truly are. There are a ton of people I have rode dirt bikes with that I would in no way take up this mountain that we rode. But it was and an AMAZING experience and I am so glad I did it, especially now that I don’t ride. I rode dirt bikes in Thailand and up Doi Suthep and it was amazing and the view from the top and on the ride up was incredible.

We first stayed at Yellow Pillow in Chiang Mai, a recommendation from a friend who had stayed there a few months prior to us. We stayed there for 3 nights, checking in 1/28 and checking out 1/31 to go to our next hotel. It was a fabulous little hotel ran by a wonderful woman who served breakfast each morning. The room was nothing fancy, but functional, cute and quaint and totally served the purpose we had and it was cheap, around $50 a night for 2 of us, it included breakfast, was in a perfect location and included bicycles we could use. It was located just outside the square of Chiang Mai, a block from laundry facilities and a great location with free WiFi which was important to be able to communicate while out of the country. The room had a ladder to an upstairs loft that was so cute and amazing. Definitely look up Yellow Pillow on and check it out and definitely stay here if you are ever in Chiang Mai. The host was so friendly and she provided so much.

On January 29th 2018 we went to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. I think we took a ride by Tuk Tuk to where we had to meet to go on this tour. We then boarded a bus with others where you are basically in the back of a truck but there are benches to sit on and you hold on and its covered with a tent like top and windows and pretty open air. From town we drove into the jungle about an hour and got to see more of Thailand, women, men and children walking along the roads, and people transporting themselves via motorbikes. Once we arrived at our destination at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, we were dropped off in an open building meeting area. There were about 25 of us. It was an amazing experience, we met the elephants slowly introducing ourselves to them, talking the the keepers and getting acquainted. We all wore the same shirts and locked up our belongings. We wore swimsuits under our attire as we would be swimming with the elephants at some point. After we got acquainted to the beautiful elephants, we then went out with them into the first field are where we continued to feed them corn stalks and pet them. They are such gorgeous, large animals. From here we led them to the pond where we would bathe them. The elephants really liked the water on them and to be scrubbed by hand. From here we lead them back to the first arena and then we showered off. I do remember while showering off I heard quite the commotion from the elephants and could feel them running around on the ground. Everything was vibrating. I don’t remember what happened but they got a little excited. From there, they were led out of the area we were in to a more open area for them to roam free. We sat behind the rails and watched them just be natural with their freedom and roaming. They got excited at times and I captured it on video which is great to look back on. I have videos of us feeding them, hanging out while they ate, playing and wrestling with each other, and the one from their free time in the field where they all start yelling and stomping around. It’s pretty neat to look back at all this as I don’t fully remember a lot of this trip, It’s really helpful for recreating the memories. I am so thankful for all the video and pics I took.

Some other things we did in Chiang Mai was ride our bikes around to explore. We walked a lot, visited temples, ate at some yummy restaurants , got pedicures, met some other travelers and some older gentleman who lived in Chiang Mai but were from the US. We walked the night market in town where we got to try some amazing local food, I did not try the scorpion but it was an option. We got massages on the street. The night market was pretty packed, but had many options and I am so glad we went. We found many buildings with cool art painted on them too and neat roads that all had an artsy vibe to them. So many cool things, one place we visited even had blank tiles you could write on that were tiles that would eventually be put on a roof. So we left a piece of ourselves in Thailand and we rote on them and they will or are not part of a roof of a building.

January 31st we stayed at Siripana, which was an incredible resort. We had our own splash pool off of our room. The location was not like our first hotel Yellow Pillow, but we had already got to explore town a lot and at Siripanna we planted rice, had massages, and rode the bikes the resort provided to the closest town area and ate out and explored a little. It’s definitely somewhere I would go back to, and it was perfect that we explored a couple of places and different locations to fully get a full experience. Part of our stay was planting rice with some of the employees, that was a neat experience and interesting to learn how to plant the rice and to do it. After we were done we got to drink Rice water to see what the end of the process would be after it’s planted and grown. As we were at this resort at night it was the solar eclipse so we sat out in the field and watched it. We got a good night sleep in our amazing accommodations and would head out in the morning back to downtown Chiang Mai and go pick up our motorbike rentals and begin our Mae Hong Son journey. Just two girls, two backpacks and two CBR 300s riding an amazing ride for 5 days and exploring all along the way with go pros strapped to us to document some of our adventure.

I found an email I had sent to myself that covered the next few days and I will post what I emailed myself here as it talks about some things I don’t remember about meeting people and the culture. The first email I sent myself while In Thailand and in the moment:

Leaving Northern Thailand heading to Southern Thailand today. 
Northern Thailand has been an amazing experience. Chiang Mai was a great city that I really enjoyed. We explored many temples, ate lots of great food, explored the city on bicycles and stayed at some incredible places and even rode dirt bikes up Doi Suthep mountain. 
We then headed out on motorcycles 🏍 and rode the Mae Hong Son Loop on our Honda CB300F bikes. We strapped our packs on and first rode to a little town called Mae Sariang. It was a beautiful, cozy and quite town where we mingled with other travelers twice our age. 

February 1st we picked up our rental CB 300F and headed out to Mae Sariang. We both normally rode CBR 600RRs at home and have street bike licenses and were comfortable riding. We did a lot of research before our trip and did decide to go with a smaller bike than our normal and get 300s. The loop we were about to ride on was super windy, so many turns and after reading all the reviews we didn’t need a 600 and the power. We opted for a smaller, lighter bike that we could easily maneuver them and it wouldn’t drain our energy so much. We were not going on a ride where we would need speed, we would use more of our skill and riding techniques on this trip so we went with a smaller bike and I am so glad we did. We rented motorbikes in Chiang Mai and started the Mae Hong Son loop. First stop, above the sea botique. The Riverhouse across the street had the best chicken carbonara, A friends brother in law owns it with his wife so we had to go check it out. The Above the Sea where we stayed was fine, we parked our bikes, walked into the little town area on our street and ate dinner across the street. It was a cute little area, the little place we stayed at was great. I would recommend it but if I go back we will definitely stay at the RiverHouse across the street next time, I have noticed since following them on Instagram that many people stop and stay there who are riding through town on motocross. Tip and her husband were great, as was the food and the view of the river from the deck we ate on.

My email to myself I found that correlated with this date:
We then headed to Mae Hong Son and rode for about 7 hours as we explored different roads and found some waterfalls and a calcite cave which was a warm cave full of beautiful crystals.

On Feb 2nd we continued our ride, our next destination and spot we would stay was the Fern Resort and it was $60 for one night and you got a cool little bungalow all to yourself. You were surrounded by natural water, ponds i think or maybe where they grew rice. You had to keep on the specific walk ways to get through. There was a pic of Angelina Jolie from when she stayed there, it was posted right at the front desk when you checked in. We explored the Tham Lod Cave in Mae Hong Son and we took a bamboo raft through it with a guide. The pictures I have of it look so cool, but I don’t remember it a ton.

My email to myself explaining more of this day:

We relaxed in Mae Hong Son at the Fern Resort which was very relaxing and cute before heading out the next day to Pai. We met a motorbike couple from Canada who suggested we check out Lod Cave, which we did and it was unreal. 3 huge caves, so many sketchy 2×4 stairs and a crap ton of bats. We floated through the caves in a bamboo raft in between climbing up to them and checking them out. We ran into a few cave spiders as well.

On February 3rd we continued our ride on the Mae Hong Son Loop and our next destination was Pai. It is a cute little hippy vibe town and our hotel sat on a man made lake and we could walk off our patio and jump into a kayak and kayak around. You could also go up to an area and grab a paddle boat to use, free of charge. The hotel had transportation to town so we caught a ride and went to the small town of Pai for the evening. The town definitely gets busy at night and bustling with people. We sat at an outdoor restaurants for food, met some other travelers, walked around the night market, shopped a little and just enjoyed our time and experience there. It was a perfect little outgoing and night along our busy and active ride. We then went back to our hotel and enjoyed some kayaking on the lake off of our room. The next day we would continue on The Mae Hong Son Loop back towards Chiang Mai.

My email to myself of this experience:

Pai was definitely the Mecca for backpackers, had amazing options for street food and had a good vibe. We met a cute newlywed couple from Cali, enjoyed all the food and stayed at the Oia and our room came with a kayak and direct water access to their man made pool that you could kayak through.

On Feb 4th we made it from Pai back to Chiang Mai for our last night in that part of Thailand. We stayed at The Panviman Resort about 45 minutes from the city center of Chiang Mai up in the hills. This place was incredible and I’m so glad we stayed here, I would definitely go back. We had a Viman Pool Villa, it was up about a 10 minute walk to the main resort. It was its own separate villa with a small splash pool and it looked out into the hills and lush vegetation. The main pool below that we walked to was a 2 story swimming pool and incredible as well. Our own splash pool was great too. We dined in the open air panorama restaurant and I think it was great, I can’t remember specifics. We did play chess at the open air giant chess board they had, it was super fun and the view again was amazing. There was so much more at this resort that we didn’t have time for like the spa, cooking classes, mini golf, archery and a game room. We did make it down to the meditation caves which I can’t find on their website but I do have pics of it from when we were there. This would be our last stay in Chiang Mai, the next day we would check out and ride our bikes back to town, return them and continue our adventure to the jungle and fly to Krabi and rent a car to get Khao Sok our next destination.

My email to myself from this time:

Last night we stayed at an Incredible luxury resort with our own pool villa and this morning rode our motorcycles back into town and then took a Tuk Tuk to the airport so we can start the next leg of our journey, our last week in Thailand. We will start with renting a car and driving on the opposite side of the car and road up to the jungle where we will stay in some treehouses before heading to Railay Beach and checking out islands to finish off one of the most amazing trips I have ever done in the beautiful country of Thailand.

On Feb 5th we headed to the airport in Chiang Mai and flew to Krabi and rented a car that we would drive to Our Jungle House where we would stay a few days and go to the Khao Sok National Park. This was a 3 hour drive, and I don’t remember if I drove or not, my license may have been suspended at the time and Daniell my travel partner might have drove. I feel like she did. It would be a 3 hour drive, with new views of Thailand along the way.

We got to Our Jungle House where we would stay. It was a 25 acre private resort in the rainforest. It was a green, eco friendly resort. It was so cool. The tree houses were all spread apart, we climbed the stairs to ours and it opened up to a nice open room with a bathroom, deck and amazing double back doors to open. It was interesting because the top of the room had open slots in it. Like totally open to the outside air and as I reached the top of the stairs before entering the room their was a spider 🕷 literally as big as my hand wide open. It was so creepy, I don’t love spiders. It made sense when we got inside and over the two beds were nets that hung down to put over you as you slept. Maybe this should of been a clear sign that we were in the jungle and with all kinds of creatures. I remember one night we got real freaked out. There was a full size bed in the room Daniell had and then a bunk bed and I decided to sleep on that top bunk. We had gone to dinner at the resort and walked back to our room on the path and there was definitely grass all around us and that we walked through. It was dark in our room and we were laying down ready for bed and my leg itched. So I started itching my leg and it hurt. I asked Daniell to turn on the light and she did and I pulled my hand up and it was bloody. I kinda started to freak out, it still hurt and I dropped my pants and asked her to look where it hurt. There was something on my leg and it was bleeding and hurt- I had a freaking leech on my leg!! We pulled it off and I was freaked out, I got off my bunk and decided I was not sleeping alone and shared her bed with her. This was just our first night at Our Jungle House. Super neat place to stay and experience, but I think the one experience might of been enough for me. We still had another night there.

Feb 6th we adventured to Khao Sok National Park. My memory is not picking up much, but from what I see of pictures is it was gorgeous. A definite must see. We took a long tail boat from where we met the tour guides and took a long tail boat out on the lake and to a dock where there were little cabins you could stay in overnight and then there was a covered area we had lunch with others. One pic shows a gigantic 🐠 fish they served for lunch. I don’t recall what we had, but the view was amazing. I know they took us all around by boat explaining more about where we were. We eventually got to another spot where we hiked for a bit and to another body of water through the national park. Once we got there, about a mile hike each way we boarded a flat handmade bamboo raft. I can’t pull together any other memories from this, I just have a few pictures which I wrote about. I will have to find my go pro video and watch it to learn more because I definitely had my go pro and I think my phone was in my waterproof box I had. But I can say this place was amazing and a must see and do adventure.

On Feb 7th we drove back to Krabi from Our Jungle House, we returned the rental car and then went to where we would meet the boat to Ao Nang and Railay Beach where we would stay next at Tonsai Bay Resort. I remember cute little villas on a beach front resort, monkeys and iguanas everywhere and a little town behind a wall and there were 🧗🏻‍♀️rock climbers all over as where we where was a Mecca for rock climbers with natural rocks to climb surrounding the resort. The resort sat next to Railay Beach, when the tide went out you could walk under the rocks and get over to Railay Beach which we did do once. The vibe at our resort was super chill and lots of travelers and rock climbers. Railay Beach was cool too, definitely a little busier than where we were but a fun vibe.

February 8th we were still at Tonsai Bay Resort, not sure what we did. I do know once, if not a couple of times we went into the little town behind the cement wall. We walked around and went to some cool bars with fun outdoor areas with swings, beams to walk on and balance and just hung out with some locals and fellow travelers.

Feb 9th we took an excursion to Poda island. There were some cool rock formations, one that looked like it was a chicken. We went on a tour with a group of people and went snorkeling in the ocean. They also took us to a part on a beach with a dick cave, literally a cave full of wooden penis’s, that was called Phranang (princess) Cave. It’s a sacred site. The sign I took a picture of says: Local people, fisherman & navigators believe and hold faith in the princess of Phranang Cave that she will preserve and protect their livelihood and fulfill ones wishes. When their wishes are fulfilled, votive offerings would be made at the shrine. Common gifts are flowers and incense sticks, but usually the spirits of the goddess are offered a special gift, the lingam, which is carved from wood. The belief of the lingam and holy womb shall create fertility and prosperity to the earth and mankind. This was a cool, sacred spot to visit and learn about. We also stopped at another beach after this cave and watched fire dancers and listened to music and it was pretty fun and a great experience.

Feb 10th we were still at Tonsai Bay and there was a fire while we were walking around the resort on one of the cliff sides. There were monkeys all over, they were fun to watch and you had to be careful not to leave anything just sitting around or they would take it and run off.

February 11th we checked out of Tonsai Bay Resort and took a boat back to Krabi. We would then take a Flight from Krabi to Bangkok. Daniell would head home and I Stayed at a place called Subanabhumi in Bangkok, I got super sick. I think maybe my last day at Tonsai Bay I started to feel sick, when I got back to Bangkok I was definitely sick. I spent the whole night throwing up and on the toilet, I managed to go the whole trip without getting sick until my last day. This hotel was ok, fine for what I needed which was a toilet and bed. I didn’t go out of the hotel, it was cheap like $10 US, but it was all I needed. I was so sick I just wanted to be at home. I still had a 12 or so hour flight to get home the next morning.

February 12th was my flight home at 105pm from Bangkok to Hong Kong then to SFO and back to Portland. Thank gosh for zofran in the Bangkok airport I made it, so thankful for it being over the counter and available in the pharmacies there and that the airport had many pharmacies. I felt like death and was seriously worried I wouldn’t be able to make it home. But with the help of Zofran and some Dramamine, I think I slept most the way home. I’m sure at that point and after 3 weeks of non stop adventure I was beyond exhausted. I arrived home on the same day due to the time change at 8pm. I was so thankful for my husband being so cool with me going and doing this but so happy to see him.

Trip Totals

21 days total

All inner country flights cost about $160 from receipts in my email I found.

We spent 5 days on street bikes, rode the Mae Hong son loop. The cost was not a ton for what we got and how long the rental was. I tried to find more info on who we rented from and price but I couldn’t find it.

All in all this was an amazing trip. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to do it, especially now after having a brain injury that changed my life I’m so thankful I did this and on street and dirt bikes In another country. I highly recommend Thailand to anyone. All of the places we stayed were at an incredible price, US money goes a long way there. It’s the best place I have been so far. The people,culture, the kindness the environment and all there was to do was fantastic. I will definitely be back, I will just explore it a little differently as I no longer do much of what I used to. I def will go back with my husband next time. I’m so glad this trip happened before my injury and I got to experience all the riding that I got to do and that I did the Mae Hong Son Loop.

Who would of known I would lose my memory shortly after this incredible trip, and who would have known I would have emailed myself some highlights. This is the last one from the email I sent myself. I am so proud of myself for doing this email and being able to use it now to fill gaps in memory. This is the end of what I wrote after my summaries from the Mae Hong Son Loop:

The one thing that has been constant this trip from the start in Bangkok has been respect, smiles and such warm hearted friendliness. Thailand truly is a beautiful country with the most lovely people.

Thailand, I will most definitely be back to explore some more with my husband. Thank you to anyone who read this long, gigantic blog post of my experience and adventure and thanks for giving me grace with my memory lapses and knowing how much this helped me to write it all out, research what I did and find a few gems along the way like the email to myself. I have left so much out that we did, but these are some of the things I could remember and find proof of in my calendars and photos. I know we visited many temples all throughout Thailand and did much more than I wrote about. I hope it helps anyone else who decides to explore Thailand, on or off motorcycles and anyone to who reads it to see how important it is to document memories both by picture, video, email, journaling and calendaring, because you can’t predict your future and what will happen to you.

Khop Khun (khrup/ka), Thank you for reading and please subscribe at the bottom of my blog if you wish to read more, a new post will come out each Saturday. Sometimes about travels, others about life and how it has happened for me.

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I am a TBI Survivor and woman who has been through a lot of good and bad. My goal by this blog is to share what I have learned and how life has happened for me and not to me. I have found purpose in it all and am here to share it. I am also sober and quitting drinking was the best choice for me. I will post about TBI, Brain Injury, life, travel, lessons learned and more. I am not a doctor or a nurse, I am a traumatic brain injury survivor who has lived 40 years of life and have an amazing mindset from it all. None of this is medical advice, that is what your doctor is for or 911 if you are having an true emergency and need help right away. I am here for community and to share all I have learned, you never know who it will help. Click on the white title of the blog post to read, just saying in case you might be confused like I am with all this 🤣

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