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My 2021 word for the year is awake!

One definition of awake that really fits for me is fully conscious, alert, and aware.

I have picked a word for a couple of years. It’s a reminder each year to myself of all I have learned and what to keep in mind. In 2019 I started doing this after my TBI when I attended Weekends and Elyse Snipes the therapist introduced it to us and we all picked our word.

My word for 2019 was content. I picked this word as it was perfect for where I was at in recovery. I needed to be content with it all and just simply being here and alive.

2020 was determined. Determined to do more, to progress. Covid kind of threw the year off, but I learned a lot in 2020 and feel that my 2021 word is completely fitting for all I learned. I truly feel awake now.

2021 is Awake. Awake to where I am and what I need. Awake to things as simple as pacing myself and not overdoing it so much that then I am down for weeks. Awake to my feelings and others. My 2020 year of being determined really led me to be awake thanks to the pandemic.

I absolutely love picking a word and having a reason and motivation behind it. I don’t set new year goals and resolutions, I do goals all year long but I do set intentions every year and choose a word for the year.

I reflect back at the end of December each year on what worked for me and what didn’t and find areas that can be improved. This is no easy task, but I do it because it’s very important to honestly look at my last year and see what worked, what didn’t and what I can do to make myself better and feel better. I also do this regularly every 90 days too.

For 2020 I wrote down and looked back at my planner, journals and notes to see what went well that year, what didn’t go so well, what did I learn and then what to do differently next year. This is what works for me.

By jessymunch826

I am a TBI Survivor and woman who has been through a lot of good and bad. My goal by this blog is to share what I have learned and how life has happened for me and not to me. I have found purpose in it all and am here to share it. I am also sober and quitting drinking was the best choice for me. I will post about TBI, Brain Injury, life, travel, lessons learned and more. I am not a doctor or a nurse, I am a traumatic brain injury survivor who has lived 40 years of life and have an amazing mindset from it all. None of this is medical advice, that is what your doctor is for or 911 if you are having an true emergency and need help right away. I am here for community and to share all I have learned, you never know who it will help. Click on the white title of the blog post to read, just saying in case you might be confused like I am with all this 🤣

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