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Feelings 💰🌲🏡🚽✈️💬

I don’t know why, but I am having such a wanderlust to go somewhere new and experience something new and to honestly take time for myself and to learn more about myself. Or is it just that I am anxious and so ready to be done living in our camper? It’s been since July 1st […]

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Arizona Trip

Major League Baseball trip

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💚Loving This Country Life

Loving this country life. Our funny Doberman legit wants walks daily in the yard. Grandma started it. By walks I mean walking the upper part of the backyard with her, just keeping her company. Our little dog started sleeping next to our bed in his, but he sneaks into ours during the night. Life up […]

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7/25/2003 18 years!

July 25th, 2003 I was married in Negril Jamaica. It would have been my 18th wedding anniversary. That’s so insane to me. I was married a month before I turned 23. My husband was great, it was everything I ever wanted. But I was so young and life changed so much over the years that […]

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Loving Our New Living Situation

We have been living in our camper at our new home for a few weeks. Surprisingly it’s ok. We thankfully had upgraded our camper and living in it is totally doable. Jax has a room in the house with my parents. I am able to walk up to his room and screen window and chat. […]

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Moving Again… But For A Good Reason

Moving with TBI sucks. It’s hard. I think it is for anyone, adding a brain injury with huge energy issues makes it so much harder. We sold our house and moved again just after 2 years. But this time we are financially ok. We are buying my parents home so they can retire and be […]

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Grandma Eileen

Happy 99th birthday to her today. She would have been 99 today, but left this world on Monday to go be with her late husband Ralph that she has wished to be with for SO many years. We just saw her last weekend and had a great visit with her. I learned so much about […]

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Remembering Jerry

On March 31, 2013 Jerry McEachern rode on into the next life when he lost his life in a motorcycle accident. He was on his way to my parents house when a little old lady turned in front of him on a back road and killed him instantly. It was a horrible day, a horrible […]

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Like TBI, Life Is Best When You Are Able To Adapt

Like we learned with TBI, we have to be willing to adapt to our new life. This has so helped with Covid happening. I don’t drive, getting to the gym is not doable for me so we got a Peloton. But since Covid have acquired so much more and made our home garage gym work […]

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Day 5 Brain Injury Awareness

A good article I found. I wanted to share in on Day 5 of brain injury awareness month. 🧠 💚