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Loving Our New Living Situation

We have been living in our camper at our new home for a few weeks. Surprisingly it’s ok. We thankfully had upgraded our camper and living in it is totally doable. Jax has a room in the house with my parents. I am able to walk up to his room and screen window and chat. […]

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Moving Again… But For A Good Reason

Moving with TBI sucks. It’s hard. I think it is for anyone, adding a brain injury with huge energy issues makes it so much harder. We sold our house and moved again just after 2 years. But this time we are financially ok. We are buying my parents home so they can retire and be […]

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Why I Cried Over A Vehicle

We sold my four runner. I absolutely loved this thing, we bought it brand new and built it just how we wanted it and it was amazing. But I no longer drive. I don’t have a license. We owned the vehicle and I have no income and cannot work full time. This is the last […]

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I am disabled

I have never said that or written that. It has been 2.5 years since my accident. I have read my NeuroPsych report. I know what I live with and how my brain works. I know I am not stupid. But I know I am nowhere I once was or should be, especially based on my […]

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Weekly Date Nights

Something we have been good about for years is doing weekly date nights. My husband and I don’t have any children together, I have a son who we have Mondays and Tuesdays and every other Friday & weekend. So on Wednesdays we do date night. Date night totally depends on the week. We used to […]

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Positives from a negative- MY TBI

My TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) happened. I’m not glad it happened, but it happened and I lived and am here to tell you what this injury and experience has taught me. Here are all the positive things I have taken from this injury over the last two years. I challenge you to find the positives […]

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Wants 🆚 Needs

Wants vs Needs. Do I really need it or do I just want it? I grew up never having a lot of wants. I didn’t have the fanciest clothes, the fanciest dinners, but I always had a fridge full of food, dinner on the table and a house well stocked with basic necessities. I acknowledge […]

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🧠🏍The Day I Wanted To Quit My Job…It Happened, But Not How I Ever Hoped It Would Happen…

I never imagined the day I would leave work annoyed wishing I didn’t have to work and asking my husband what I could do to quit my job would turn into the day I never went back to that job. Not only did I “quit” that job, but I can’t work a full time job […]