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Our first home remodel in our new house

We have a lot of updates to do to make it ours and updated from 1981. But this is one of my favorite things to do, update things. Now if only I could do all the work myself! We hired Rev Construction to do our bathroom, they are who built the apartment above our shop. […]

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Love my workout views

It’s Friday and my workout day, the view with the garage open was amazing with the sunrise, fog, birds chirping and owl 🦉 hooting. Can’t beat this view. And that’s our car which the dirtiness kills my husband but it comes with where we live, we got it when we moved up here in July. […]

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Happy New Year!

2021 was definitely not what anyone expected, nor was 2020. 2022 here we are! The last 2 years have taught me SO much. The last three and a half years taught me so much more. What’s important. What’s not important. What deserves my energy and time, what does not. So many losses, so many gains. […]

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It finally is snowing good. Love where we live and it’s snowing in town too. We went to town and got to pull out a kid stuck in the ditch. It took two of us In diesels to pull out a diesel stuck. We did our good deed for the day.

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A white Christmas 🎄

It’s a white Christmas and I got a personal record on my run this morning while looking at the snow. 3.6 years ago I ran 8-8.5 minute miles and when I first ran after my TBI was at 18 minute miles. Slowly getting there. As I always say hey I’m doing it and time really […]

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Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Our first Christmas in our new home where we actually get snow and often. Gotta love it ❄️

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Can’t beat this!

We are officially all moved in and own a new house. So grateful for my parents taking us up on this idea and building them an apartment above the shop and selling us their house. We absolutely love it here. Not to mention we wake up to snow now. Not a ton yet but hey […]

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So Grateful

Words can’t describe how happy we are. Months of living in our camper since July 1st to November 21st we are officially in our new home. It’s been a process but so worth it. My parents are settled into their new apartment and we are sleeping in our new house and unpacking. We cooked a […]

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Feelings 💰🌲🏡🚽✈️💬

I don’t know why, but I am having such a wanderlust to go somewhere new and experience something new and to honestly take time for myself and to learn more about myself. Or is it just that I am anxious and so ready to be done living in our camper? It’s been since July 1st […]

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💚Loving This Country Life

Loving this country life. Our funny Doberman legit wants walks daily in the yard. Grandma started it. By walks I mean walking the upper part of the backyard with her, just keeping her company. Our little dog started sleeping next to our bed in his, but he sneaks into ours during the night. Life up […]