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Like TBI, Life Is Best When You Are Able To Adapt

Like we learned with TBI, we have to be willing to adapt to our new life. This has so helped with Covid happening. I don’t drive, getting to the gym is not doable for me so we got a Peloton. But since Covid have acquired so much more and made our home garage gym work […]

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Trying New Things đź§ 

I am exhausted. Daily. I wake up exhausted. So much of what I do during the day like reading and crosswords is fatiguing to your brain. After my therapy zoom visit yesterday we made a list of not so fatiguing things and fatiguing things. Reading, working out and riding my peloton, doing crossword or word […]

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New Year, New Goals! 21 habits and goals I am planning for in 2021.

1- To stay present in my daily life. Keep my phone put away. 2- No Social Media like Instagram or Facebook. I cannot agree to Instagram’s new terms of service and found a lot of negativity coming up again, so I deleted it. I will keep to Dr Perry’s Positivity Community and blogging. 3- Keep […]

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What 2020 Taught Me

I had so many plans for 2020 that just did not happen. It’s the last day of 2020 and I could not be happier. But what did I get out of this pandemic? How did it happen for me, what did I learn from one hell of an unexpected year? I have learned to really […]

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I am disabled

I have never said that or written that. It has been 2.5 years since my accident. I have read my NeuroPsych report. I know what I live with and how my brain works. I know I am not stupid. But I know I am nowhere I once was or should be, especially based on my […]

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When Will I Learn?

I woke up today. I felt normal TBI tired. I am a little sore from my workout yesterday. My husband went and got me a coffee. But I noticed I am tired and having issues, honestly I’m really struggling today. Struggling to do simple things. I can’t figure out how to work the TV, just […]

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Exercise and MY Traumatic Brain Injury Journey

Exercise has been on of my greatest struggles with TBI, but I also acknowledge how lucky I am to even be able to physically exercise still. I did Orange Theory before my accident, I had started on 12/4/2016 and went regularly. I started Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) after I had broken my back, gained 30 […]

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Burnout & Brain Injury

I saw this posted on Instagram and last night as I was moody, having a horrible time understanding and navigating normal, simpler tasks and having 2 nights of not good sleep I was reminded of this post I saw on Instagram by and I was like that’s it, burnout. I reflected back on the […]

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Habits & Goals-How I Meet My Goals with Habits

My goal was to write 37,500 words by December 31st on my book. My goal to complete it 90,000 words is by 5/16/21 my 3 year TBI date. So I broke it into an attainable goal, 500 words per day in order to reach by Dec 31st goal and created a system to do it. […]

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Trailercast Podcast- Survivor Guilt

Check out my podcast episode with an amazing therapist Elyse Snipes. I learned I have survivors guilt and so much more. Great conversation. I had met Elyse when I attended her Weekends retreat in Dana Point California to celebrate my 1 year TBI date, I did a weekend of counseling and learned SO much that […]