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Moab TWOG, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventure

This is how I decided to celebrate my 3 years survival from my TBI and Diffuse Axonal. I like to push myself and do things I should not be able to do. When I heard about TWOG (Tents without Gents) with Sarah Herron and Lindsey Gurley I was all about it. I camp in a […]

alcohol free Backpacking green river moab Moab Stand Up Paddle Boarding Traumatic brain injury Travel TWOG

Made It To Moab

This is the cutest town. I absolutely love seeing side by sides driving down the road. I can’t believe Chris and I never made it here, but we will and try to plan it with his brother and sister in law. I have the night here to chill, adventured for food and walked around. Almost […]