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Day 5 Brain Injury Awareness

A good article I found. I wanted to share in on Day 5 of brain injury awareness month. 🧠 💚

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What 2020 Taught Me

I had so many plans for 2020 that just did not happen. It’s the last day of 2020 and I could not be happier. But what did I get out of this pandemic? How did it happen for me, what did I learn from one hell of an unexpected year? I have learned to really […]

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Burnout & Brain Injury

I saw this posted on Instagram and last night as I was moody, having a horrible time understanding and navigating normal, simpler tasks and having 2 nights of not good sleep I was reminded of this post I saw on Instagram by and I was like that’s it, burnout. I reflected back on the […]

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Speak Up, Advocate, Don’t Give Up!! Travel Win🎉

This has been huge for me and today was proof once again not to give up and just take no for an answer!! You have to advocate for yourself and once again we have found how critical it is to buy travel insurance since my brain injury. We had first class plane tickets to St […]


What I Learned This Week

The CoronaVirus freak out has been real. The virus is also real. So you should be concerned and take it seriously. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t take it serious at first. But just in a week holy crap, it’s spread so much and is impacting so many. I just have a traumatic brain injury. I […]

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Where is your information coming from?

This goes for brain injury, corono Virus, parenting, research, when your sick and want more info, travel and more. Is what you are looking at and basing your decisions off of from a credible source? Or did you see it on the news, an ad or hear it from some person? Being a certified health […]