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And then..

I got home late Sunday, 11pm at the airport and home technically Monday after midnight. I have been fine but last night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep my mind ran as it normally does and I freaked out. Due to my independent nature and just how I am, I am fine […]

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Happy New Year!

2021 was definitely not what anyone expected, nor was 2020. 2022 here we are! The last 2 years have taught me SO much. The last three and a half years taught me so much more. What’s important. What’s not important. What deserves my energy and time, what does not. So many losses, so many gains. […]

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Disabled, But I Can Do My Part

It’s extremely hard being disabled and unable to work in the field I used too, especially during Covid. But I am finding ways to still do my part, do health education and minimally because that’s all I can do, but it makes me still feel I have value and that I can so my part […]

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This Is Public Health

I got a surprise in the mail from Oregon State where I attended for my graduate certificate in Public Health. Someday I hope to finish my graduate certificate but brain injury happened and I am one class away from finishing and not sure of that will happen. We will see. It’s Biostatistics though and right […]

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What 2020 Taught Me

I had so many plans for 2020 that just did not happen. It’s the last day of 2020 and I could not be happier. But what did I get out of this pandemic? How did it happen for me, what did I learn from one hell of an unexpected year? I have learned to really […]

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Exercise and MY Traumatic Brain Injury Journey

Exercise has been on of my greatest struggles with TBI, but I also acknowledge how lucky I am to even be able to physically exercise still. I did Orange Theory before my accident, I had started on 12/4/2016 and went regularly. I started Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) after I had broken my back, gained 30 […]

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Oregon Road Trip

An Oregon road trip for my 40th birthday and our 3 year Anniversary in our home state. Alvord Desert, The Painted Hills, Crater Lake, Crane Hot Springs, Bend, Sisters

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Speak Up, Advocate, Don’t Give Up!! Travel Win🎉

This has been huge for me and today was proof once again not to give up and just take no for an answer!! You have to advocate for yourself and once again we have found how critical it is to buy travel insurance since my brain injury. We had first class plane tickets to St […]


What I Learned This Week

The CoronaVirus freak out has been real. The virus is also real. So you should be concerned and take it seriously. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t take it serious at first. But just in a week holy crap, it’s spread so much and is impacting so many. I just have a traumatic brain injury. I […]

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Where is your information coming from?

This goes for brain injury, corono Virus, parenting, research, when your sick and want more info, travel and more. Is what you are looking at and basing your decisions off of from a credible source? Or did you see it on the news, an ad or hear it from some person? Being a certified health […]