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Jaxson is 16

Happy 16th Birthday to my son Jaxson. I can’t believe he’s 16. This kid amazes me daily with his strength and determination and no excuses attitude. He works so hard daily between school and baseball and conditioning himself in between both through strength training and mindset. I can definitely say I must have learned my […]

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Day 6 Brain Injury Awareness

Something on my mind is how people respond to me and others, this goes beyond brain injury and I know I am guilty of doing it too. So often it’s easy to listen to someone and be able to say I understand, I have been there, me too, I know what it’s like because I […]

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Toxic Positivity, Supporting Friends Through Hard Times

I was listening to Elyse Snipes podcast today of a mom Rachel from New Zealand who is going through a Leukemia Diagnosis with her 5 year old son and through Covid. It’s a great episode and I highly recommend it. I need to listen again and be ready to take notes but a couple things […]

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TBI Wins

I like to focus on the wins of living life with a brain injury. In general I think it’s important to focus on wins, it’s such a good thing for your mindset and to not focus on all the negative in life and hard, bad things I live with daily but focus on the positive […]

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Love What Matters Feature

I was reached out to by Love What Matters on Instagram to see if I would write my story to share. So I did just that and this is it. This is my personal writing that Rebecca with Love What Matters edited. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story. Check it out and the […]

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When My Mindset Shifted: My Newborn Son and His Journey

I realized today I have never posted my sons journey, the journey that changed my life and mindset forever. I have to shout out to my parents, Jaxson’s grandparents for being there daily though it all. When my husband was at work, my mom took me and accompanied me many days. My in laws also […]

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Jack & Betty, my beloved grandparents

My grandma and grandpa Mortensen were amazing. My grandpa was a WW2 veteran who served in the navy. His ship was shot down and he survived. He lost a lung and had other trauma like being lost out at sea for some time. He was a tough old man. My grandma worked in a garden […]

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No Timeline for Life Here

Timelines have always made me crazy. Maybe it’s because I have never lived on a timeline, or that I don’t do things because I am or was supposed to like society says graduate high school, go to college and so on. My first marriage was in 2003 at 23. Which wasn’t totally normal, it definitely […]

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Sobriety Corps Podcast

Check out my podcast episode on Sobriety Corps. I talk about my sobriety journey, how I can relate so much to now living with brain injury and how I used to drink to forget and would do anything to remember now. Check it out. And disclaimer: I sound great, I sound fine. What you can’t […]

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TBI Memory Tool for Distance Learning Kids Schedule

Here’s a memory tool I just thought of. I have no idea my sons school schedule, trying to memorize it won’t happen. I have it all in my phone calendar as well as alarms and alerts set. Then I was like duh I should set it as my phone lock screen and bam! Problem solved, […]