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6 Years NO Alcohol

Congratulations to my husband on 6 years no alcohol. Yup he has a beer in hand 6 years later, a Heineken 0.0% because at this point having NA drinks doesn’t bother him or make him want to drink, he just enjoys beer and having a NA beer while watching the game and that’s ok. What […]

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❄️ Wheeling Weekend ❄️💙

I thought I wanted my own wheeler for wheeling, this weekend we camped and wheeled at Rim Butte in Central Oregon and it was a blast. It was cold and snowing. 16 degrees last night. So cold, so thankful we have a winter wheeling set up to stay warm and dry at night. So I […]

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Happy October 2022

I realized I missed posting a few of our fun summer endings. Things have been busy since we got home after our Labor Day Trip to McCall Idaho with our great friends who live in Boise. We had an amazing holiday weekend with Ray and Brie and their fun kiddos. Jax was with us and […]

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5 year Anniversary Quick Road Trip

2 years ago in 2020 Covid canceled our plans to go out of the US so we did an Oregon Road Trip which led us to Crater Lake, but due to the local fires we really didn’t get to see Crater Lake. 2 years later we are back. This time for our 5 year Anniversary […]

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826 💙❤️💙❤️💙 Happy 5 year Wedding Anniversary to my amazing husband. 10 years together, 5 insanely hard years of being married but through those 5 years, which 9 months into our marriage I suffered a severe TBI and DAI, I can with 200% confidence that I married the right person and best husband I could have! […]

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Whitewater Rafting after 10 years

We went whitewater rafting on the Deschutes this last weekend on a guided half day trip. I used to own a raft and going to the Deschutes was a normal thing we did for about 10 years and one of my favorite past times. In college we took kids with disabilities from the Kiwanis Camp […]

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Fun Weekend Camping

We had a fun weekend camping, visiting my brother, walking to the beach and riding our bikes on the beach. We got home Sunday and then the weather outlook was hot and I needed some down time so I came to the beach house to escape the 100s and get some rest and relaxation all […]

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Do What’s Best For YOU

Last weekend I worked a Helmet clinic in Washington at a Fire Department and community safety event. It went great, but this firehouse and where it was located left very limited parking. One of my coworkers has a handicap pass and was able to park right at the event. I had talked to my doctor […]

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Happy 5th birthday Maclynn Peanut

Happy 5th birthday to our dog daughter 🥰 Soft food and some dog cake and a day at daycare to celebrate 🎉

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Sharing again. Welcome! Thanks for being here. Short intro, who am I and why am I here?

My Name is Jessy Munch. I am in my last year of my 30s. I have been told by many people I should write or do a blog so here I am! I definitely have a story, so many stories. I am someone who has went through so much and learned from it all. I […]