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Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Our first Christmas in our new home where we actually get snow and often. Gotta love it ❄️

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Congratulations Chris 🎉

5 years alcohol free today. I am SO proud of my husband and all he did to remove alcohol and better his life and our life. I could not be more proud of him. Alcohol is such the norm but that does not mean it’s healthy or good for you as we both know it […]

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I LOVE Peloton

I have had the bike for like two years and it’s good but I love the app even more as I am not a big cycle person but I do it and absolutely love the bike bootcamp a, they remind me of Orange Theory Fitness which I used to do often before my accident, some […]

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Walking, running and making money 🤣

I ran/walked 2.6 miles total, 1.87 on the peloton app and then kept running and walking and picking up garbage on the side of our country road. Next time I will bring a garbage bag, the wind kept blowing stuff off my plate aka the hub I found. Turbo got some good exercise too. I […]

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Love Your Brain, Portland Maine

I made it to the airport and was way to early but killed time reading and writing. Good news is I didn’t lose or misplace anything as of getting to PDX airport. Now to fly to DFW, then ORD then Maine! From Portland to Portland, west coast to east coast. The first two nights I […]

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Arizona Trip

Major League Baseball trip

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Moab TWOG, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventure

This is how I decided to celebrate my 3 years survival from my TBI and Diffuse Axonal. I like to push myself and do things I should not be able to do. When I heard about TWOG (Tents without Gents) with Sarah Herron and Lindsey Gurley I was all about it. I camp in a […]

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Tomorrow’s The Day- Moab Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trip

A funny thing happened when I packed my duffel, the straps were not long enough to carry it and I was so annoyed. Come to find out thanks to my husband, he’s like Jess it’s meant to be worn like a backpack! I added pics because it’s hilarious and I blame 🧠 injury on that […]

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3 Year Reflection 🧠

Main picture is at 4:32 pm on 5/16/18. It’s the last picture from that day. 15-20 minutes later my husband would get a call from my friend that I was in a bad accident just before 5pm he got the call. On 5/10/21 we went out to look at some homes to put on my […]

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My Newest Tattoo Addition

I am big on my tattoos with meanings and added some more to my leg that all has meaning. I went to Infinity as I normally do but tried a different artist who has been there a long time and is one of the new co-owners. Love the work she did and the beautiful Lotus […]